FMY 62 Edición

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    FMY becomes the heart of the housing sector. More than 90 exhibiting firms represent this 60th edition's young soul.

    FMY becomes the heart of the housing sector. More than 90 exhibiting firms represent this 60th edition’s young soul.

    An event full of personality, versatile and experienced. The event welcomes thousands of professionals from 24th to 27th May.

    This year’ s 60th edition has a younger soul. This year’s leitmotiv is precisely inspired by the wisdom, talent, innovation, design and service that characterise the exhibiting companies’ commitment.

    FMY opens its doors again on 24 May to celebrate a very special date with the furniture, timber and related sectors’ family. Once again, the internationalisation and professionalism of the sector’s companies will be a major attraction for the thousands of housing professionals who come to the event.

    The entire housing sector represented at out housing exhibition

    This year’ s 60th edition will see the largest group of upholstery companies, with around 40 exhibitors. Visitors will be able to discover materials and trends from Acomodel, Beltá Frajumar, bi&bo, Bliss Sofás, Bosseti Design, Cabanes & Ortuño, Candela Sillones Tapizados, CutCut, Divano Dreams, Elastrón Spain, Emedos Diseño, Fama Sofás, Francés Bañón, Future Comfort, Garpe Tapizados, Koa-3 Mueble Tapizado, Lech Fabrics, Mariano Farrugia, Mayor Tapizados, Mobel World, Mobel Yecla, Moher Mobiliario, Monterelax, Mopal Tapizados, Nasan Tapizados, Paco Javier Tapizados, Pedro Ortiz, Quality Sofás, Rafael Ortega, Reyes Ordoñez, Sillas iPunto, Sitsofa, Suinta, Ta Quatro Diseño, Tapicerías Navarro, Tayber Tapizados and Top Tapizados.

    Furnishing is an important part of the furniture sector, which is represented by more than a dozen firms such as Bagon Muebles, Disemobel, Euromof, J. Calvo Sillas Internacional, Lino Barros & Ferreira, Muebles Lino, Muebles Orga, Pepe Menchón, TM/Leader, TM/Life and Vallatex, as well as the previously mentioned upholstery firms Beltá Frajumar and Mobel World.

    About 20 companies will display their latest innovations from the leisure industry with their products: Azorín Descanso, Buensueño, Comodon, Dolce Confort, Essenzia Dormire, Fabricados Durus, Formas Descanso, Gomarco Descanso, Health Care Spain, Karibian Descanso, Koala Beds, No solo patas, Somicat, Tubular y Yecol; a las que se agregan Vallatex y Pepe Menchón.

    The related industries branch, which includes around twenty specialised companies, will be represented by Atom España, Automatizacion in Comfort, Fasteners Distribución, Infinity, JSM El mundo del herraje, Mapay, Miver CADCAM, Motion Italia, Quarella, Tapitec, Tecni-Metal Chasis Metálicos, Tintes La Llosa, Tomas Solutions, Verdú Herrajes para muebles and Yecflex. To which are added the aforementioned Cabanes & Ortuño, CutCut and Mariano Farrugia.

    The services sector will be represented by ACA España, Daemon 4, Grupo SIM, Sixto Palacín, BNI Cúpula, TeleYecla and 2VM, together with AREMA (Regional Association of Furniture and Timber Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia), CETEM (Technological Centre for Furniture and Timber of the Region of Murcia), COAC (Official Association of Commercial Agents) and the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia.

    The main decorators will be Cuadros Sils, Hermes Muebles y Decoración and Nasmos Global Services. All exhibiting companies can be found on the fair’s website, sorted by category. You can also find out where they are located on the exhibition site.

    Something that characterises our exhibitor firms as well as the event itself is how easy it is to set up personal relationships with customers who visit us. In result, we establish good business relations.  Besides, thanks to being close to the production centres of many of our exhibitor companies, it is possible to get first-hand knowledge of how the sector’s products are manufactured. We could say that FMY is part of the ‘Silicon Valley’ of housing in the Region of Murcia”, explains Juan Miguel Zornoza, director of FMY.

    Morocco, Egypt and Algeria, the main actors of the on-site trade mission

    Internationalisation is one of the FMY’s main goals. This year’s 60th edition of the event will be driven by reverse trade missions, both in person and online, demonstrating how prestigious the event and the companies it hosts are beyond our frontiers. These missions are once again supported by the Instituto de Fomento (INFO). FMY will maintain the European market as its objective, but will also focus on the African market given the significant increase in its exports.

    Customers and importers from Morocco and Egypt will attend the event to get a first-hand look at the products and services of the exhibiting companies. Furthermore, the director of the INFO Foreign Promotion Network (Red de Promoción Exterior del INFO) will visit us from Algeria. She will assist in the organisation of online meetings between Algerian clients and exhibiting companies.

    The virtual platform’s markets, in which more than 30 exhibitor companies are participating, will focus on European countries such as Belgium, Holland, France and the United Kingdom. Business meetings will be held once the event is over.

    FMY will once again be the meeting point for professionals from the furniture, timber and related industries from 24th to 27th May. The event will create commercial relations, business opportunities and promote the housing sector.

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