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    Yecla Furniture Fair's reverse trade missions would drive further exports and business opportunities.

    Yecla Furniture Fair’s reverse trade missions would drive further exports and business opportunities.

    The regional furniture sector exports reached a historical figure of 105.7 million € and a sales growth of 26.7% in 2021.

    International sales of furniture, timber and related industries in the Region of Murcia have not stopped growing in the last two years. This fact proves the importance of each edition of the Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY) and the prestige of the regional cluster, as stated in the latest Report on Foreign Trade Results of the Spanish Furniture Sector, conducted by the Spanish National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain (ANIEME).

    By the end of 2021, the regional furniture sector’s export performance reached 105.7 million euros. This represents an increase of 26.7% in international sales, above the national average (25.2%) and well above the 3.4% of 2020 and the 83.4 million euros exported by the Region of Murcia that year.

    “There is no precedent for double-digit growth at these levels. We have exceeded for the first time the 100 million euro sales mark and we are one million away from moving up to seventh place in the ranking of furniture exporting autonomous communities. We have reached the highest figure in recent years,” explains the president of ANIEME, Juan Carlos Muñoz.


    For the second year running, this year’s 60th edition of the Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY) will feature the virtual platform promoted by the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia (INFO). The objective is “to be able to offer exhibitor companies at FMY individual interviews with international professionals from the sector and thereby cover every business opportunity that arise in the markets chosen for this edition. The international professionals will be selected by ANIEME, our offices at the Red de Promoción Exterior and INFO, depending on the target market”, explains Joaquín Gómez, director of the Instituto de Fomento.

    ” For this year, we plan to keep our objectives in European countries and to focus on African markets that are experiencing an increase in their imports,” he adds. The implementation of this virtual initiative joins the face-to-face trade mission and allows us all to reach more international markets with just one click. The idea is to showcase the trends of the FMY’s exhibitor firms outside our borders.

    The results of the virtual platform at the last edition of the event “were very positive as we were able to reach markets that would have been impossible to reach due to the circumstances caused by the pandemic”, says the INFO director. The profile of the importing clients in this type of trade missions are medium-sized distributors. In recent years “the contract segment for the hotel and catering industry has grown a lot, with another type of client, be they architects, decorators or large contractors”, emphasises Joaquín Gómez.

    The Regional Association of Furniture and Timber Entrepreneurs (AREMA) supports these initiatives and emphasises the importance of “implementing joint strategies in order to place the regional furniture manufacturing cluster on the national and international map. The use of digital tools such as the virtual platform and participation in the FMY is essential to give us greater visibility and position us in such a complicated market”.

    Main destinations for the regional furniture sector in 2021

    The ten main destinations for the regional furniture sector are France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the United States, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Kuwait, Germany and Belgium. Europe continues to be our main destination. For the first time, the United States has entered the top five with a 237.9% increase in furniture imports manufactured in the Autonomous Community.

    As is the case at national level, there is a high concentration in European Union countries and especially in France, which accounts for 47% of total exports. “Hence the need to diversify the export destinations of furniture, avoiding excessive dependence on a single market,” explains the president of ANIEME, Juan Carlos Muñoz. Juan Carlos Muñoz also stresses how important it is to keep promoting the traditional and established markets for the furniture sector.

    The innovation and quality of the sector’s exhibiting firms means that they can continue positioning themselves within the markets and deal with the cyclical fluctuations that affect foreign trade. It is evident that the regional sector, with the FMY as a showcase, has been able not only to adapt to the changes in life and habits of recent years, but also to grow in very difficult contexts.


    With little more than two months to go until the event, expectations for exhibitor companies are very positive. “Around 70 companies have already registered and we are expecting many more confirmations in a few days. There is a company from Poland, also from Portugal and, of course, a large percentage of exhibiting firms are from the Region of Murcia and other Spanish communities. Visitors from countries such as Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq and Colombia have also registered,” explains Juan Miguel Zornoza, director of the FMY.

    In the 60th edition of the event, whose motto is ‘Young Soul’, all the exhibitor firms’ offer and potential will be on display for four days, from 24 to 27 May. The event will provide a meeting point for innovation, design, internationalisation, quality and professionalism in the sector.

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