60 aniversario (59′ edición) – re_conec+a
Fecha: 20 – 23 octubre

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YFF History

Of Roots and People

If we look to the past, to walk through the present and the future of the sector, Yecla Furniture Fair has its own life history. Its birth originated thanks to the connection of the entrepreneurial spirit of those people who decided to commit and create what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow.

The Fair idiosyncrasy reconnects with the entrepreneurial spirit, which has allowed the city and the region to grow and also to become attached to the timber sector since the 17th century, and back in the 19th century to give birth to the first manufacturing and trade workshops – true seeds to nurture our Community business sector.


Benchmarks in carpentry

The sector identity came from the master woodworkers Pedro Chinchilla Candela and Rafael Azorín Fernández, whom we can recognise as the “pioneers of the Altiplano”. They were the first to set up their furniture manufacturing workshops at the beginning of the 20th century. With the introduction of modern machinery, they were able to achieve regional and even national scope.


As a result of this development, other people and companies joined them and a real business network, specialised in furniture and related products, was created.

Resilience towards a common future

The word crisis is a concept that this sector knows well, and already the first furniture manufacturing workshops had to face great challenges and tough circumstances. The crisis can also be seen as an opportunity, as the pioneers must have thought when they created the Furniture Workers Cooperative (Cooperativa Obrera del Mueble – COMED) in 1949.


And on this 60th anniversary, aware that we are living in one of the most uncertain situations, the event aims to redefine meeting points, synergies and relationships between people that contribute to the common future of this community with its own identity.


A sense of belonging that carries on reflecting that pioneers entrepreneurial spirit, who opted to create their own manufacturing companies; companies that today continue to create a brand and prove their resilience in the common future of the sector, joining together in the Yecla Furniture Fair.

First official Fair




Exhibitor Companies


Square metres of facilities

Latest edition




Exhibitor Companies


Square metres of facilities

The origin of the fair

In 1961, the 1st Local Furniture Exhibition was held in Yecla, to great expectation and acclaim. The event was attended by 15 local manufacturers, two upholstery workshops and a veneer company.


After this success, the following year saw the birth of what was to be the first official fair of the sector in Spain. Under the name of “Provincial Furniture and Related Industries Fair”, our first edition brought together 24 exhibitors in a 700 m2 space, putting Yecla and our industry on the map, making us known and enhancing our position.


The furniture fair of yecla celebrates its 60th anniversary

Getting somewhere clearly requires you to start walking. And as a result of the first steps, the fair is 60 years old, a fair with identity, experience, wisdom and a large family, which in this edition seeks to reconnect with the look of the past, present and future.


This appointment with the Fair will be from 20 to 23 October 2021, and will host a hundred exhibiting firms that will show everything they have to offer, to care for and extend the sector’s family.


The Yecla Furniture Fair has partnerships that make its life easier, such as the Regional Association of Furniture and Timber Entrepreneurs (AREMA); the Furniture and Timber Technology Centre (CETEM); the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain (ANIEME); the Official Association of Sales Representatives (COAC); the Official Association of Interior Designers / Decorators of the Region of Murcia (CODID-RM), and many more that help us to reconnect and strengthen our brand as a fair.


Each edition also has the essential support of the Local and Regional Administration, which enables Yecla Furniture Fair to become firmly established as a development hub in the Region of Murcia.

Furniture, timber and related industries

Yecla, located in the northwest of the Region of Murcia, is home to one of the largest clusters of companies and professionals in the furniture, timber and related sectors at domestic and international level. Within an area of just 5 km, in the municipality of Yecla, reconnect with the origin of the sector’s products as well as building new relationships to promote the overall sector growth.


m2 of exhibition area specialized in the habitat sector.


people professionally involved in the furniture and timber sector.


companies devoted to furniture manufacturing, rest, upholstery and other related industries.