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    This Friday, the traditional gathering of commercial agents took place in Yecla.

    Commercial agents, with more than 50 years alliance with the FMY detecting the needs of customers and manufacturers.

    The alliance of commercial agents and the FMY dates back to the 1970s, when the event began to host the Commercial Agents’ Day

    This Friday the get-together between commercial agents and the management of the Furniture Fair (FMY) took place in Yecla. A tradition that goes back several decades and that serves as a common ground for the celebration of the 61st edition of the Yecla event, 23 – 26 May. The event, which began at 12.00 noon, was attended by commercial agents specialising in the furniture sector.

    This annual event serves to commemorate the alliance of the FMY with the commercial agents and their professional association (COAC), which dates back to the 70s, when the event began to host the celebration of the Commercial Agent’s Day. This is one of the strongest synergies of the fair, which is why, in recognition of their professional work, this day was included in the programme of the event.

    In addition, for the 61st edition of the FMY, which has the slogan ‘Up close’, the commercial agents will also be “the voice” to transmit the differential value of the Yecla event: the visitor will not only discover the new products and trends at the fair, but will also have in just a few kilometres all the potential of the furniture cluster, the natural landscape of Yecla and its rich gastronomy.

    Regarding this “symbiotic” relationship, the director of the FMY, Juan Miguel Zornoza, stressed that the commercial agents benefit from the “success of the fair”, just as the fair is a success because of the work they do. “They are one of the key elements in ensuring that we have quality visitors to our exhibition centre”, emphasised Mr. Zornoza, which is why they were on this day of socialising, the first to learn first-hand about the details of the 61st edition of the event.

    For his part, the delegate of the commercial agents of the Yecla area, Antonio Ortega Ibáñez, highlighted the importance of the fair “not only for commercial agents from the Region of Murcia or neighbouring provinces, but also for other professionals from other autonomous communities”.

    “We are an excellent link for the fair and the furniture cluster, in the same way that the fair is for us,” stressed Mr. Ortega, who explained that sales agents, because of their door-to-door work, are also responsible for transmitting manufacturers’ new products to professional customers and are also key players in ensuring that they come to the event.

    Their specialisation makes them essential influencers

    The specialisation they have experienced in the furniture, wood and related industries has given them the knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the client and their companies, making them essential influencers. Furthermore, through the outsourcing formula, they have been able to offer companies greater flexibility and profitability.

    The importance of these agents is evident every year, as they continue to be one of the most sought-after professions by companies in the market. In the specific case of the furniture industry, the sales agent has become a key element in the relationship between manufacturers and customers.

    In short, commercial agents are a conduit between the customers and manufacturers to channel their needs such as manufacturing trends.

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