FMY 62 Edición

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    10,000 professionals and 500 companies within a radius of only 5 km

    The FMY, home of the furniture and showcase to discover the trends and novelties of the sector ‘Up close’.

    The new image of the fair is also a declaration of intent, with the renovation of the spaces for coexistence and the commitment to innovation and sustainability.

    The 61st edition of the Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY), which will be held from 23 to 26 May, has opted this year to highlight what makes the Yecla event unique: on the one hand, the proximity it maintains with visitors and on the other, its proximity to one of the largest concentrations of companies and professionals in the furniture sector and related industries. That is why the slogan chosen for 2023 has been ‘Up close’.

    Visitors to the 61st edition will be able to discover the trends and novelties of the sectors that form part of the furniture family (furniture, upholstery, bedding, decoration, lighting, services and related industry) and they will also find “Up close” the main production centres within a radius of just 5 kilometres of the exhibition site.

    Yecla, in the northwest of the Region, hosts one of the largest furniture, wood and related industries concentration of companies both at national and international level. In Yecla, visitors can learn about the origin of the sector’s products and create new relationships which can lead to foster the growth of our sector.

    The 10,000 professionals of the furniture cluster in Yecla and more than 500 producing companies, make the FMY an essential centre for influencers. In fact, 4.3% of the national furniture exports come from the Region of Murcia, according to data provided by Anieme for the period from January to December 2022, and most of that percentage comes from Yecla.

    Specialisation, the quality of its products and innovation have led to the Yecla brands being present on all five continents and in the main international markets, with significant growth in recent years in countries such as the United States and Morocco.

    A supporting hand for the FMY and a link with the cluster

    The advertising graphic for the 61st edition of the FMY, designed by Romualdo Faura, best represents those values and virtues that make the FMY an essential event in the trade fair calendar. Also, the style perfectly embodies the conceptual framework of the slogan ‘Up close’, a leitmotif devised and created jointly by the designer himself, the FMY and the 2 Veces Marketing agency.

    The hand symbolises the support of the fair, and from which stem the possibilities that visitors will find: production centres, research, alliances, new opportunities and the wonderful natural environment of Yecla.

    This renewal of the graphic image of the fair, through Mr. Faura’s synthesised style, is also a declaration of intentions of the Yecla event. It has not only renewed some of its spaces, but also takes a step forward in innovation and, above all, in sustainability. Also, it has created an award to foster responsible production.

    The theme chosen this year goes beyond these analogies and also connects with the alliances that the event has been weaving since 1962, when the first official fair was held. This is the case of the relationship that the FMY maintains with the Regional Association of Furniture and Wood Entrepreneurs (AREMA), the Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood (CETEM), the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain (ANIEME), the Official Association of Commercial Agents (COAC) or the Official Association of Interior Designers / Decorators of the Region of Murcia (CODID-RM).

    Finally, this proximity is also materialised in the essential support of the Local and Regional Administration, the Yecla City Council and the Autonomous Community, which have always been committed to the growth and internationalisation of the event and the sector, making the furniture, wood and related industries a strategic pillar of the regional economy.

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