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    La reconexión de la 59 edición de la Feria del Mueble Yecla ha sido un éxito con más de 7.000 visitantes profesionales, más del doble que en el certamen de 2019.

    Yecla Furniture Fair’s 59th reconnection edition has been a success attracting more than 7,000 professional visitors, more than double compared to 2019’s event.

    The 60th edition will be held during penultimate week May 2022. This news was revealed on Friday during the toast of honour and closing ceremony.

    23 October 2021 – 59th Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY) closes their doors today after beating all their historical records in this celebration. On their 60th anniversary year, the number of visitors has more than doubled compared to 2019, increasing to more than 7,000 visits from furniture professionals, timber and related industries.   Specifically, there were 7,226 visitors, more than 2,000 each day between 20 and 22 October.

    The FMY Executive Committee President and Yecla Mayoress, made an emotional and motivating speech during the honour toast and closing ceremony, in which she highlighted the essential companies role within the industry and more than 80 exhibiting companies in this event whose leitmotiv has been to reconnect. Exhibitor companies, trade visitors and partnerships are key players in the development of this year’s trade fair, in which we have celebrated our 60th anniversary. “These first courageous people who dared to propose something new in Spain, to be pioneers of an adventure that later others have joined”, highlighted Lajara.

    During the closing ceremony, the 60th edition date was announced, which will be the penultimate week of May, and a poster outline was also presented for the next event, on which the FMY is already focusing to make this fair an increasingly national and international benchmark.

    The leisure-business space was brimming with great energy from a rooted industry, in which we looked back to the past in order to move towards the present and the future. Antonio Ortega, Muebles Ortega founder, who exhibited at the first fair in 1961, made us proud with his presence. Along with him, first exhibitors members’ families were in attendance in this tribute to our pioneers: Muebles Muñoz y Soriano; Muebles Fco. Azorín; Ruiz y Hermanos; Cooperativa Obrera de Muebles Esteban Díaz; Casa Nazario; Galerías Polo; Muebles Chinchilla; José Muñoz; Somieres Ortín; Muebles Carpena; Muebles Figues; Muebles Bañón; Muebles Agustín Díaz; Muebles Azorín; Muebles Rovira y Muñoz; Muebles José Antonio Cano and Muebles Lino.

    Along with these pioneering brands, it is essential to recognise and highlight the presence of our more than 80 exhibitor brands, their commitment to meeting the new market needs, the treatment and attention they offer to all the customers who visit us, and which allow our sector to be ever more expansive. In fact, we are the 8th Spanish province in furniture exports in 2020, our industry is strategic, with more than a thousand companies that generate nearly 8,000 direct jobs.

    Remedios Lajara also spoke about the importance of women gaining access to responsible positions in companies and being part of the decision-making process. “Throughout history, many women have dedicated part of their lives working in the industry and have boosted Yecla’s economy”, said the FMY’s Executive Committee President.

    A face-to-face and virtual edition in which there have been transactions and new business contacts.

    The housing industry and their strength at national and international level has been evident in this trade fair, in which the slogan has been reconnect and has been very successful. Professional customers from Portugal and Cyprus have personally attended the FMY and have placed orders with several exhibitors, according to the Instituto de Fomento (INFO) from Región de Murcia.  In addition to this face-to-face trade mission, managed by the INFO and supported by the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain (ANIEME), there is also a commitment to internationalisation through the virtual platform managed by the INFO.

    The Virtual Platform ( received around 700 visits with an average time of 20 minutes during this event. Over the next two weeks, meetings will be held with importers from the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco and Qatar and more than 150 interviews are expected to take place.  In addition, the virtual platform will remain active until 20 November, in order to continue expanding the furniture brand and goods and services from our exhibitor companies and to increase the virtual business meetings.

    These and other topics were discussed in the leisure-business area, one of the event’s new features, in which the magic of music and art came together to promote professional relationships with soul. Beauty aesthetics, innovation, design, reconnection, the expansion of our sector and, once again, the reunion, have marked this successful 59th edition.

    “We want to continue to maintain this common thread, we have dreamed, we have set in motion the action planning, we have celebrated and now it is time to evaluate and implement the necessary changes and measures to make the next edition in May 2022 a success once again. And, above all, let’s encourage the transactions of our exhibitor firms and continue to bet on retail, traditional distribution channels, contract and all the support of trade associations and habitat, as well as other agents necessary for our sector’s expansion”, emphasised Patricia Cuadrillero, director of the FMY.

    FMY closes its doors today, Saturday 23rd October, which have been opened to the general public with the intention of strengthening the idiosyncrasy that FMY represents in the Region of Murcia. From FMY we thank the work and effort of each of the people who make this possible, and we hope to see again all our exhibiting companies and professional visitors, in person and virtual, in May 2022, to reconnect again.

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