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    Virtual trade fair aims to be part of the digital world

    Virtual trade fair aims to be part of the digital world

    We are moving towards new digital and more human relationships.

    Communication ways and channels are constantly evolving, a living example is the digitisation we are witnessing in this digital era, spurred on by the global pandemic situation that society is facing. If business digital transformation used to be an option, it has now become a must.

    As part of the business and relational ecosystem, Yecla furniture fair is committed to generating new business models through a Virtual Fair, which will be held for the first time in the 60 years of the event existence, bringing together industry’s big family. In spite of the fact the event will be held from 20 to 23 October 2021, we have decided the virtual fair will remain for a few more days after the event closure to strengthen and expand contacts as well as business relationships.

    We believe that adopting new Industry 4.0 technologies is one of the key drivers for change today, and will determine the sector development in the coming decades, along with the circular economy. The pandemic has triggered most companies transformation and digitalisation has come to stay and to change consumers’ habits. In fact, Internet access now reaches 93% of the population, and completing digitisation can increase the competitiveness of companies by 15% to 20%, according to the ‘White Paper on digitisation in SMEs after Covid-19′, published by the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs’ Associations (CEAJE).

    As we live in a volatile and ever-changing market, it is essential to pay attention to the new needs created by supply and demand. Hence, boosting sales in the sector thanks to a virtual presence has become a must. Transformation of trade fairs, forums and congresses, which already offer a virtual alternative to provide comfort, security and customisation, are shaping a new map towards new digital and human relationships.

    We are moving in this trend so that our Virtual Fair can be a space similar to our physical headquarters in this 59th edition, with the added value of freedom that virtual spaces provide, as well as being an innovative display for the sector all over the world.

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    As usual, these links beyond our borders will be strengthened with an international reverse trade mission which will enable virtual visits from several countries, such as Morocco, Ivory Coast, Qatar and Senegal. This live virtual architecture will allow visitors and customers to visit a virtual stand, access information on the company’s products, schedule meetings and increase their contact network. This action is supported by the Instituto de Fomento (INFO), with FMY’s collaboration.

    This commitment to achieve digitalisation and respond to current needs, such as innovation and technology, highlights the sector’s resilience and strengths. This year’s motto ‘re_conec+a’ refers to our 60th birthday to the fair’s origin as a home, to belonging to a community with its own identity that adapts to new times.

    FMY’s idiosyncrasy reinforces our idea that commitment to innovation does not replace something we have always believed in – warm closeness -. If there is one thing that sets our sector apart, it is that all companies are one big family which always shows itself close to customers.

    Our presence here over the last six decades has made the exhibition centre our home, a place of coexistence and connection where we have grown up. That is why, during this event, we would like to provide a space for leisure and networking. It will be the ‘Espacio re_conec+a. Leisure and Networking’, an ad hoc design, with background music, which aims at creating a favourable and trusting atmosphere among exhibitors, visitors and customers.

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