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    Trends for interiorism in 2023

    Interior design reflects our lifestyle.

    You have been to an acquaintance’s home for sure, and looking at their furniture or decoration you have realised that they totally fit them! We all want to adapt our homes to the way we are to feel comfortable. 

    Just as it happens with our acquaintances, it also happens on a global level. So, according to the needs that arise in our homes, new trends in the sector gradually shape up.

    Today we want to have an overview on some of these interior design trends for this year, with you.

    Let’s take a look at them!

    Interior design defines us

    Trends go hand in hand with people’s lifestyles, as we said. Just by looking at a somebody’s home, we already get clues about their personality, their tastes, whether they are tidy or not, etc.

    This time, we have based our foundations on the research carried out by PlanRadar, in the report called “Homes of The Future”. This study was carried out in 12 countries (including Spain) to define what the next interior design trends would be in the near future.  

    Let’s get to know them!

    1. Sustainability

    We are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental crisis, and of the increasing importance of taking care of our planet. This is reflected in the PlanRadar survey. Sustainability shows up as the main issue for respondents.

    People is interested in homes and interiors designed with sustainable low-environment-impact materials during their whole process (manufacturing, distribution and usage). They want responsible materials, environmentally friendly, recyclable (such as aluminum) and natural-fabric-based, such as cotton or linen.

    People’s concern about leading their homes, furniture and lifestyle towards an increasing sustainability is one of the main trends.


    2. Interest in biophilic

    Another approach that will play a major role, also linked to the previous one, is biophilic as a design and interior design stream.

    Our homes are getting a green makeover by including natural spaces and greenery, and this has become increasing important recently. The fact that we have been at home for a long time, being stucked inside, has made us to look for some fresh air and freedom indoors.

    That desire of bringing the outside inside, straightly connects to the decoration and furniture we choose for our homes. Colors, patterns, materials and shapes that evoke nature. Nature as the great protagonist.

    Therefore, biophilic design would be one of the main trends in 2023, bringing nature indoors.

    3. Smart homes

    The third major trend is technological advance. Our homes design will rely on issues such as digitalization and new technologies to turn them into smart homes.

    An increasing number of gadgets will be incorporated to manage our furniture and spaces.

    Moreover, artificial intelligence at home service would make these places more comfortable, easier to manage and safer.

    Among all the different profiles asked, obviously, there is a wide variety of smart technologies that we are increasingly considering for our homes:

    · Advanced lighting systems

    · Smart temperature controlers

    · Home security systems

    · Speakers and smart sound

    · HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning)

    The first three are the most preferred according to this research.


    In short, sustainability, nature applied to homes (biophilia), and household digitalisation are the three main trends expected in the interior design business in 2023.

    Developments in both society and lifestyles are transforming our homes. The progress in society and in lifestyles are the ones that transform our homes.

    We are aware about this in FMY and we are committed to innovate in the sector, which is testing the current demands of the sector. We are a trade fair today with perspectives for tomorrow.

    What do you think about these trends? Did you know them? Tell us about it.

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