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    Presentación Gráfica y lema FMY 2024

    This year’s poster for the 62nd edition of the Yecla Furniture Fair, titled ‘Come and grow’, highlights the growth opportunity it provides for the sector’s companies.


    Both the slogan and the advertising graphics for this new edition, which will be held from 28 to 31 May, were revealed during the press conference today.

    Ana Galvañ, the renowned illustrator from Yecla, based in Murcia, is the author of the advertising graphics for the 62nd edition of the Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY), an edition that will be held from 28th to 31st May under the slogan ‘Come and grow’, a leitmotif that highlights the growth opportunity that the Yecla fair has long represented for the participating companies.

    Both the slogan for the new edition—a conceptual work that was jointly devised by the event’s management team and 2 Veces Marketing agency—and the advertising graphics were presented today, Wednesday, during the press conference.

    This presentation has been held in the recently refurbished Conference Room of the fair, and was attended by the director of the event, Juan Miguel Zornoza, Yecla’s Councillor for Industry, Pedro Lorenzo, and the Director General for the Promotion of Commerce, Business Innovation and Industry and Artisan Crafts of the Autonomous Community of Yecla, Rafael Gómez.  With apologies for the absence of both the poster’s author and the President of the FMY Executive Committee and Mayoress of Yecla, Remedios Lajara, the former due to an unavoidable last-minute commitment, and the latter due to an unforeseen personal circumstance.

    Juan Miguel Zornoza, director of the event, began by apologising for those absences, then proceding to highlight the qualities that made the FMY choose Ana Galvañ as the author of the advertising graphics for this edition of the event. “Not only is she a renowned professional, local to Yecla that still has a deep bond with the city, but she is also an artist who is able to provide a different perspective and a unique style compared to the designs that were chosen for previous editions of the event”.

    Ana Galvañ has collaborated as an illustrator for various newspapers and publishers such as El País, The Guardian, The Washington Post and The New Yorker. In addition, in 2016 she received one of the ten Gráffica awards, one of the most prestigious visual culture awards in Spain, while in 2020 she was nominated for one of the Ignatz awards.

    Yecla furniture fair, where the exhibiting companies thrive

    As the longest running event of its kind featuring a cluster of more than 500 production companies, FMY has consistently been the trade fair venue of choice for new and emerging companies to exhibit their products. “If there is one thing the fair can be proud of, it is the fact that we are the cradle of great companies. These companies were small companies that began their journey with a first step, making themselves known at this fair, growing with it and, in part, thanks to it”, emphasised Zornoza.

    In addition to the companies’ growth, Zornoza also highlighted the development of professional visitors, ” both because of the new business opportunities that arise as well as the innovations introduced at each new edition”. “The potential clients who visit our fair know that they will find a top-quality, reliable product with a cutting-edge design, as well as companies whose DNA is based on service, quality, professionalism and competitiveness”, he declared.

    Rafael Gómez, Director General for the Promotion of Commerce, Business Innovation and Industry and Artisan Crafts, on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, Business and Finance, highlighted the “clear and firm commitment that the regional government has with Yecla and the Yecla Furniture Fair”. ” Yecla’s potential in the furniture sector is fundamental for the Region of Murcia and for Spain,” he added.

    Regarding the poster, the Director General said that “it represents and provides something meaningful for the sector, such as innovation and design”. He also pointed out the work being carried out by the Yecla Town Council, the FMY Executive Committee and the Autonomous Community to ensure that the 62nd edition ” lives up to the expectations and surprises us all with the fascinating innovations to be presented during these days”.

    The Councillor for Industry of Yecla City Council, Pedro Lorenzo, on behalf of the President of the Executive Committee and Mayoress of the town, closed the event by emphasising this “first cover letter for the fair” involving the presentation of the advertising graphics, a fair that ” despite being held over just a few days, carries behind a great deal of work that is not seen throughout the 365 days of the year”.

    Finally, Lorenzo pointed out that the exhibitors decide to come to Yecla, not only to offer their products, but also “to build the relationships and contacts that are made during the fair days”, a fact that is firmly reflected in the poster created by Ana Galvañ, which illustrates “the growth of the fair since its first edition and the tenacity of Yecla’s industry, which has grown to become a global industry leader”.

    A poster with a narrative style, clear lines, and bright colours

    In this edition’s advertising graphics, the illustrator has worked with her characteristic “narrative style, with clear lines and bright colours, based on the concept that this year’s 62nd edition’s slogan suggests: the trade fair as a hub for the sector, for new business opportunities and synergies”, explained Juan Miguel Zornoza.

    The cheerful and direct design of the poster, with a retro look reminiscent of the comics from the 70s, a once again trendy style, underlines the commitment of the FMY’s Executive Committee to continue innovating and renewing the fair’s image. Through a modular concept, made up of several circular panels, it summarises the exponential growth of the companies through their relationship and participation in the Yecla event.

    The poster illustrates everything that the FMY offers to visitors and participating companies: exhibition spaces, a variety of offerings, the furniture and wood family ecosystem, and its potential to attract new customers, and even a nod to the textile sector. “As you can see, it is a striking and groundbreaking graphic, a poster that will not leave anyone indifferent, which is also what we have been looking for, because a poster that fails to attract attention is a poster that will go unnoticed, and going unnoticed is the last thing that the 62nd edition of the FMY aims to do”, emphasised Zornoza.

    Mock Up Gráfica FMY 62º edición 2024

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