FMY 62 Edición

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    Presentación de la gráfica para la FMY con lema de cerca, del 23 al 26 de mayo

    This edition, with the slogan “De cerca”, is back from the 23rd to 26th of may

    The closeness offered by the FMY and the furniture cluster, the protagonists of its 61st edition poster, the work of Romualdo Faura

    The management of the Yeclano event has also announced its commitment to making the trade fair site more attractive, with the renovation of several áreas.

    The countdown to the 61st edition of the Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY), which this year will have the slogan ‘Up Close’, began on Tuesday with the official presentation of its advertising graphics, the work of the prestigious illustrator and designer Romualdo Faura, a name that was revealed this morning.

    The press conference, which took place in the renovated entrance hall of the fair, was attended by the director of the FMY, Juan Miguel Zornoza; the president of the Executive Committee of the FMY, Remedios Lajara; the director general of Trade and Business Innovation of the Region of Murcia, Miguel Ángel Martín; and the author of the poster for this edition, Romualdo Faura, among other important figures.

    Juan Miguel Zornoza, director de la FMY
    Miguel Ángel Martín, director general de Comercio e Innovación Empresarial de la Región de Murcia.
    Remedios Lajara, presidenta del Comité Ejecutivo de la FMY
    Romualdo Faura, autor de la gráfica de la FMY 61′ edición.

    The director of the Yeclán event, Juan Miguel Zornoza after welcoming the members of the Executive Committee of the FMY, the representatives of the sector, the general director and the creator of the advertising graphics, he pointed out that all the work that has been done since the end of the last edition “culminates today with the official presentation of the promotional campaign for the 61st edition and the kick-off with the presentation of the poster and the slogan”

    “For this edition we have chosen to commission Romualdo Faura for this work; with deep Yecla roots, as he is not only the son and grandson of Yeclanos, but also has direct contact with our city, spending long hours in the family home, working and living like any another Yeclano,” said the director of the FMY.

    Regarding the work that has been done, Zornoza explained that both the image and the slogan “reflect very well what Yecla and its furniture fair offer: a unique ecosystem. The ecosystem of a city that lives by and for the Habitat Sector and which brings together, within a radius of just ten kilometres, one of the largest concentrations of companies, entrepreneurs and workers in Spain in this sector, with the fair as its centre”.

    The Yecla cluster, with hundreds of thousands of square metres of companies, employs thousands of workers. Today we present the graphics and the slogan for the biggest event that takes place in the Region of Murcia around the furniture sector, an event that has been held for more than 60 years: the Yecla Furniture Fair.

    Before giving the floor to the Director General of Trade and Business Innovation, Miguel Ángel Martín, Mr. Zornoza wanted to highlight the fundamental role of the Autonomous Community, an institution “fundamental for the FMY, not only for the economic resources it provides us with, which help us to carry out this event and to make investments in this fairground, but also for the support in the management and in the achievement of objectives that its general management directly provides us with”.

    Miguel Ángel Martín, the Director General for Trade and Business Innovation of the Region of Murcia, was present to convey the support that the Autonomous Community always gives to the Yecla Furniture Fair, and congratulated the creator of the poster, and the management of the fair, for their commitment, “because it reflects the vanguard of the furniture sector in Yecla and the Region of Murcia”.

    “It is important to convey the significance of the celebration of the furniture fair in Yecla, not only for Yecla and the furniture sector, but for the economic activity of the region. From the regional government we are working, with its president and the entire executive committee, to grow the fair both qualitatively and quantitatively,” he stressed. Hence, the Autonomous Community, according to Mr. Martin, has decided to increase the nominal grant that goes to the Yecla event.

    Finally, he took advantage of the presentation of the FMY’s advertising graphics to challenge the fair’s executive committee to “make this 61st edition the best of the previous 60 editions, in terms of the number of visitors and the volume of business”.

    For her part, the president of the WFYF Executive Committee, Remedios Lajara, said: “We are very proud of our work, has pointed out that “the dedication of those of you who are with us this morning is just as important as the involvement of all our companies and their professionals who are committed to Yecla. Thanks to our industrial fabric and its fair, what happens here becomes something exclusive and unique and therefore attractive for the furniture cluster”.

    In this sense, he congratulated the creator of the poster, because “he has managed to perfectly capture everything that happens in Yecla during the fair, and everyone who comes to the event can learn about what our industry is capable of”. “Thank you Romualdo for synthesising in a visual an industry that is a benchmark in design and product development, those same companies that create and manufacture ‘in situ’, but also distribute and market thanks to other sectors also based in this region,” added Romuald.

    Synthetics Styling and warm colours for a reneweb look

    Once the authorship of the advertising graphic had been revealed, Romualdo Faura (Murcia, 1977) took the floor, with roots in Yecla and considered one of the best designers of pictograms and signage on the current scene. The author of the poster for the 61st edition is a graphic designer and illustrator and works on corporate identity, pictograms and illustration design projects for national and international commissions. He has worked for The Guardian, Washington Post, The New York Times, El País, Yorokobuo and Movistar España, among others.

    For several years he has provided designs for the Madrid City Council through the Framework Agreement that the capital’s City Council publicly announces. In 2007 he won one of the national Injuve Design Awards and the Young Creation Award, in the Graphic Design section, in Murcia. He has been selected for and won several international design awards.

    In his projects he tries to use precise colours, flat geometric shapes and minimal information, claiming simplicity as an element of responsible design. He has a strong connection with Yecla. He is the son and grandson of Yeclanos, and spends long periods of time in the city, where he transfers his work space during the spring and summer months every year.

    About his work for the advertising graphics of the 61st edition of the FMY, Faura has indicated that “the design is a graphic translation of this year’s slogan: “De cerca”. The composition of the poster is based on a hand that contains the building of the Fair and from which other elements emerge that represent everything that the visitor can find and experience during the days of the event. A hand that brings the Fair and what makes it up to all those interested: the factories, the furniture, the research, the transport, the product, the related sectors”, explained Faura.

    He also stressed that the FMY “offers guests an experience that goes beyond the exhibition centre and brings together experiences related to the sector throughout the city. Through a synthetic style of shapes and lines, with warm colours, the aim is to offer a modern and expressive image of this 61st edition of the Furniture Fair”.

    Cartelería gráfica FMY 61′ edición

    In short, a renovation of spaces and advertising graphics to continue innovating the image of a fair that continues to refnew itself every year, remaining fresh and dynamic, after more than 60 years in activity, and it will reopen its doors from 23 to 26 May, to offer ‘De cerca’, innovation, sustainability, design and quality of a sector, the wood and related industries, which continues to reinvent itself.

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