FMY 62 Edición

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    Inauguración oficial de la 61' edición de la Feria del Mueble Yecla

    The 61st FMY opens its curtain to show ‘Up Close’ the excellence via a sector with more than 90 companies


    The councillor Valle Miguélez was responsible for the official inauguration of the fair together with the president of the Executive Committee of the FMY, Remedios Lajara.

    The Regional Minister for Enterprise, Social Economy and the Self-Employed of the Region of Murcia, Valle Miguélez, and the President of the Executive Committee of the Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY) and mayoress of Yecla, Remedios Lajara, this morning inaugurated the 61st FMY, which opened its curtain to show ‘Up Close’ the excellence of a sector represented at the exhibition by more than 90 companies.

    The regional president, Fernando López Miras, was scheduled to do the honours, but the effects of DANA that’s sweeping through the Region of Murcia meant he was forced to be absent this morning. However, despite the weather and the visit he had to make to the most affected areas of Cartagena, the chief executive fulfilled his commitment to visit the Fair and greet his executive committee.

    In the morning, together with Valle Miguélez and Remedios Lajara, the director of the FMY, Juan Miguel Zornoza, the president of the Regional Assembly, Alberto Castillo, and the councillor for the Presidency, Culture, Tourism and Sports, Marcos Ortuño, among other authorities, were in attendance.

    The Councillor emphasised that the event has become the true showcase of the habitat, a sector in the Region of Murcia with a turnover of more than 750 million euros in the furniture industry, and compared to the previous year and in 2022 has increased exports by 21 percent, whith a total of 122 million euros.

    Miguélez emphasised the increase in competitiveness and the opening up of the sector to new markets, in the case of the FMY through trade missions organised by the INFO,  encourage “demanding” importers from the Netherlands and Belgium to visit us. He stressed that “the fact they have chosen to be in Yecla means that we are already competing in very high-level markets in this sector”.


    Remedios Lajara stressed that the fair is the “showcase” for the city of Yecla and for the furniture cluster, in fact, and made reference to this year’s “Close up” slogan, to highlight the potential of the city: with more than 500 specialised companies, spread over more than 2 million square metres of industrial land. This furniture cluster, “always at the forefront of technological innovation, generates more than 10,000 jobs,” she added.

    She highlighted the work being done by the Instituto de Fomento (INFO) for the the internationalisation of the event, especially this year, with the organisation of several trade missions (virtual and face-to-face) that will bring European professional clients and from other emerging markets, closer to the event.

    In short, the excellence of a sector represented by more than 90 companies from the upholstery, furniture, rest, related industries, contract, decoration or services, in response to the demand of all professional customers, from comprehensive projects, large furnishings, through opinion leaders or small shops.


    The professional activity, always plays a leading role at this event, will be accompanied by a full agenda to generate a climate of interaction between professional visitors, fostering participation, training, agreements and also the recreational side of the event.

    After the official opening, at 12.00 noon, the jury will tour the stands to ajudicate on the Best Stand Design Award FMY 2023. At 6.00 p.m., the award will be presented at the Arema stand by the Directorate General for Consumer Affairs and Crafts of the Region of Murcia. At 3 p.m., the meeting of the Exencia Purchasing Group will also be held in the Multi-purpose Hall.

    In addition to the daytime events, visitors can also enjoy two exhibitions that will remain open throughout the event. The first of these is a sculpture exhibition (Leisure/Business Space) by José Ponte Puche entitled ‘Em Paramétrico’. And in the hall of the fair you can visit ‘Artesanía del Hábitat’, an installation by Murcian artists promoted by the Directorate General for Consumer Affairs and Crafts of the Region of Murcia.

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