FMY 62 Edición

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    The 61st edition of the FMY was promoted in a dozen countries, had 15% more visitors and welcomed 10% of new companies


    Via its partnerships, the fair was the venue for innovation with the CETEM, the Arema Annual Award and through the COAC, the specialised sales reps

    The 61st Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY) closed last Friday with good data on registration and participation, a great international projection and the feeling among the participating companies that it has been “a good fair”, all this despite the fact that the weather made it difficult for the Yecla event.

    With ‘Up close’, the slogan of this year’s FMY, there has been a firm commitment to highlight what makes Yecla unique: its concentration of business power in the world of furniture, wood and related industries. This was clear to the companies and visitors, who increased with regard to the 60th Yecla Furniture Fair.

    Around 4,000 people visited the Yecla habitat show, 15% more than last year and, in addition, of more than 90 exhibitors, 10% were for the first time. This figure highlights the power of attraction that the fair continues to have as a centre for projection. It should also be noted that several of these companies chose Yecla as the ideal place to present some of their new products.


    The 61st Fair was outstanding its international projection, achieved thanks to the trade missions (virtual and face-to-face) organised by the Instituto de Fomento (INFO), in collaboration with the Regional Association of Furniture and Wood Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia (AREMA), which this year have focused on European countries, but also on emerging markets.

    These missions have enabled the fair to be directly promoted in a dozen countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico. And also to the rest of the world through the Virtual Fair platform, in which fifty companies participated.


    Apart from the relational and commercial activity at the habitat show, the Yecla Furniture Fair was again the centre of innovation and new technologies, the sector’s latest news and its main participants.

    The commitment to research and innovation is ever present at the exhibition through the companies, but above all with the participation of the Technological Centre for Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia (CETEM), which this year revealed to visitors an interesting metaverse project applied to the furniture sector, a breakthrough that will, through the concept of mixed reality, mark the future of furniture.

    AREMA’s Annual Award is one of the highlights of the furniture and wood sector, an award that is always presented as part of the fair’s programme and which this year has gone to the Official Association of Interior Designers / Decorators of the Region of Murcia (CODID-RM), a professional group that is becoming increasingly necessary for the sector.

    Something akin to what happens with the specialised sales reps, essential professionals in the promotion of companies and also of the Yecla Furniture Fair. This year they celebrated their traditional day with the presence of the COAC of Alicante and with the Region of Murcia.

    It is also notable that the FMY is committed to establishing new channels of communication and participation in order to continue hearing from participating companies and professional visitors. With the Daemon 4 Group’s Digital Satisfaction Survey being used to obtain the necessary feedback to continue improving.

    With the Fair team collaborating again with the agency 2 Veces Marketing, to focus on digital marketing as a fundamental way to position and promote the Fair. Additionally, this year it has an online competition where visitors who placed orders at the Fair could win a cruise to the Greek Islands.

    In short, a Fair that is still going strong, that is still committed to innovation and sustainability and that continues to grow and improve, largely due to the unconditional support of the sector, of the municipal and regional institutions and, of course, of our alliances.

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