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    Mariano Farrugia – Stand A9

    The history of this company is the story of a passion, a passion for the world of interior design and its materials. Mariano Farrugia began in 1990 with the manufacture and distribution of leather for upholstery and decoration. Since its beginnings they have also worked with commercial and technical fabrics for upholstery, both in manufacturing and distribution; products of which they were already experts.


    The main contribution to the leather sector has been the development of a spectacular range of colours. When starting out in the world of leather, the colours that were known were limited to four classic colours. It was thought that there was a lot to be done and that it was possible to give a twist to the scarce existing offer.


    Taking advantage of the crisis in the world of the sofa, Mariano Farrugia opened up new market fields. This is when he started Soffitti, a division specialising in wall and ceiling cladding, and thus began his incursion into the contract industry. Today, the company offers a wide range of products for rest: textiles, mechanisms, convertibles…


    Mariano Farrugia does not create products, he creates trends. Mariano Farrugia reflects a way of living, a way of feeling, a lifestyle. One of the company’s key points is to offer products of the highest quality that strive for excellence, something that is also present in the service.


    Mariano Farrugia conveys the creative force behind the brand. Its spirit is the style that permeates its founders, Mariano Farrugia and Rosa Puche, trained for decades in everything related to leather, fashion and the world of industry.





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