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    At Daemon4 we are specialists in the implementation of sectorial and vertical management software. Therefore, our ERPs will help you ensure that all areas of your company are focused on the same objectives, integrating all processes on the same platform.


    Our team develops business management programmes based on the suggestions, opinions and real problems of each sector. In addition, our team, made up of technical professionals, analysts and consultants, has in-depth knowledge of the business models of the sectors that our programmes are aimed at. Thanks to this, they will advise you so that you can optimise the management of your company.


    We have different specific software for the furniture industry, both for furniture shops and exhibitions (Expowin ERP) and for manufacturers of upholstery, rest systems and foam rubber (dProduction ERP).

    In addition, the in-house development of our software allows us to adjust it to the specific needs of each client.






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