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    Over 90 exhibitors have confirmed their attendance at the 61st FMY, featuring 10% of new firms.

    Yecla habitat show will be represented in the sectors of contract, upholstery, bedding, furniture, decoration, services and related industries.

    3 May 2023.- The 61st edition of the Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY), which will open its doors on 23 May under the slogan ‘Up close’, has already completed its hall with the more than ninety companies confirming their presence at the fair: an essential event for the entire furniture, wood and related industries.

    The exhibitors who have confirmed their presence, 10% of which will be exhibiting for the first time, are some of the most prestigious at national level. The Yecla exhibition centre will be grouped in the contract, upholstery, bedding, furniture, decoration, services and related industries.

    The largest group of firms is made up of the upholstery sector, with the presence of Acomodel, Biandbo, Bliss Sofas, Bosseti Design, Cabanes & Ortuno, Candela Sillones Tapizados, Divano Dreams, Elastron Spain, Emedos Diseno, Fama, Belta & Frajumar, Frances Banon, Future Comfort Tapizados, Garpe Tapizados, JFOS Ortuno Tapizados, Koa-3, Lech Fabrics, Mariano Farrugia, Mayor Tapizados, Millani Quality Sofas, Mobel World, Mobel Yecla, Moher, Monterelax, Mopal, Motion Italia, Muebles Lino, Nasan Tapizados, Paco Javier, Tapizados Pedro Ortiz, Quality Sofas, Rafael Ortega, Reyes Ortega, Sillas Ipunto, SitSofa, Suinta, Ta Quatro, Tapicerias Navarro, Tayber, Tex Athenea, Tapizados Carballo and Top Tapizados.

    Apart from the upholstery companies, there are furniture companies such as Bagon Muebles, Belta & Frajumar, Bosseti Design, Costa Pereira, Elastron Spain, Euromof, Garpe Tapizados, GDeco, J. Calvo Sillas Internacional, Kromatica, Lino Barros, Mobel World, Mobiliario Inou, Motionitalia, Muebles Lino, Muebles Rudeca, Muebles Orga, Pepe Menchon, Rfo Mobiliario, Sillas IPunto, Tapizados Pedro Ortiz and Vallatex.

    In the bedding sector are companies such as Bosseti Design, Colchones Buensueno, Copata, Essenzia Dormire, Fabricados Durus, Formas Descanso, Frances Banon, Garpe Tapizados, Gomarco, Health Care, JFOS Ortuno Tapizados, Karibian Descanso, Mariano Farrugia, Mula Confort, No Solo Patas, Pepe Menchon, Tapizados Pedro Ortiz, Tubular, Vallatex and Yecol. Alongside these brands, we will find the decoration companies Bosseti Design, Cuadros Sils, Elastron Spain, Frances Banon, GDeco, Hermes Muebles y Decoracion, Kromatica and Mariano Farrugia.

    Under services the following companies will be present: A.C.A Espana, Arema, CETEM, COAC, Daemon 4, Gaor TM, Grupo SIM, INFO, Mobel Logistic Services, Nasmos Global, Prevemur, Sixto Palatin and Tele Yecla. In the contract section are the firms Bagon Muebles, Belta & Frajumar, Bosseti Design, Candela Sillones Tapizados, Elastron Spain, Emedos Diseno, Fabricados Durus, Frances Banon, Karibian Descanso, Mariano Farrugia, Mobiliario Inou, Motionitalia, Muebles Lino, Sillas Ipunto and TM-Leader.

    Finally, visitors will find related industries such as: Cabanes & Ortuno, Daemon 4, Fastener Distribution, Herrajes Bermi, JSM El Mundo del Herraje, Kromatica Factory, Lech Fabrics, Mapay, Mariano Farrugia, Miver CAD-CAM, Motionitalia, Tapitec, Tecni-metal, Tex Athenea, Tintes La Llosa, Transformados Jope, Tubular, Verdu Herrajes and Yecflex.

    On the FMY website you can now check out all the exhibiting companies, sorted by category, and even find out where they are located in the fair. From the Executive Committee of the Yecla Furniture Fair “we are convinced that this edition, the most international of all, will be a space to set up new links, strengthen existing ones and celebrate the importance of a sector that, in Yecla, can also be enjoyed ‘Up Close ‘“.

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