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    Juan Miguel Zornoza, nuevo director de la Feria del Mueble Yecla, sustituye en el cargo a Patricia Cuadrillero

    New Director of Yecla Furniture Fair, Juan Miguel Zornoza, is replacing Patricia Cuadrillero, who is leaving for health reasons.

    The Fair’s Executive Committee has appointed Juan Miguel Zornoza as the new director of Yecla’s Regional Furniture Fair, replacing Patricia Cuadrillero, who is stepping down for health reasons. This opens a new stage with an executive profile, knowledgeable about public administrations and linked to the various productive sectors within the city, which aims to continue with the strategic line developed by his predecessor.

    The Yecla Furniture Fair’s Executive Committee held an extraordinary meeting last Monday and appointed Juan Miguel Zornoza as the new institution’s director. The unanimity was total, including that of the president and mayoress of Yecla, Remedios Lajara. Juan Miguel Zornoza, who faces the challenge with great enthusiasm, takes over the management of the longest running furniture fair in Spain.

    Yecla Furniture Fair’s executive committee has felt, in turn, the circumstances that have befallen the hitherto Yecla Furniture Fair director, Patricia Cuadrillero, as her dedication, work and strategy in this short period of time has resulted in one of the most successful editions in a long time.

    ” We are here today, precisely to thank Patricia, on behalf of the entire Executive Committee, for her work, effort and dedication”, said the Yecla Mayoress and President of the Executive Committee of the Furniture Fair at the press conference held at the institution’s premises. “Thank you for your professionalism, for your involvement and for having devoted yourself to an institution so closely linked to Yecla, to Yecla’s people and which forms part of our essence as a city”.

    To conclude, Remedios Lajara emphasised that “Juan Miguel Zornoza is taking on the challenge of directing the longest running furniture fair in Spain and has the commitment and support of the Executive Committee and my own, as the institution’s president”.

    The Mayoress of Yecla and President of the Yecla Furniture Fair Executive Committee, in view of the imminent celebration of a new event, concluded by wishing ” The best of luck in this new stage that begins today because we have to continue working to exceed expectations and that the next edition of the Furniture Fair, during the month of May, will once again be a resounding success”.

    Therefore, we can only acknowledge the great work carried out by Patricia Cuadrillero in this short period of time and welcome Juan Miguel Zornoza, who faces this challenge with respect and humility and who will surely know how to successfully develop a forward-looking project for our furniture fair.

    On the other hand, the new director of the fair, born and resident in Yecla, is a Social Graduate from the University of Murcia, as well as being one by vocation, in the exercise of his profession for more than 15 years. He is currently studying for a degree in Labour Relations. He is a University Specialist in Labour Practice, also from the University of Murcia. He has been self-employed for more than 22 uninterrupted years and has a great passion for labour relations. In his professional activity as a consultant he has worked to protect and defend the rights and interests of companies and workers. He is linked to the business and productive fabric of the city and has a strategic vision of the economic and social panorama. In addition, for 12 years he was a councillor in the Yecla Town Council, in the areas of Police, Personnel and Town Planning, so he is also familiar with relations with public administrations. His experience and background make him a suitable person to manage the Yecla fair and take over from Patricia Cuadrillero.

    Juan Miguel Zornoza pointed out that the furniture fair has been present since his childhood memories and taking over the leadership is a challenge that he faces with motivation and enthusiasm, being aware that it is a position that requires a lot of dedication and effort, so that the fair can be even more of an economic engine for the city and the Region.

    A new stage has thus begun, with the task of continuing along the path that has been laid out and working with a professional team that is sure to offer all the knowledge acquired during this period of time under the direction of Patricia Cuadrillero. Juan Miguel Zornoza faces the challenge with plenty of support from his team and the entire executive committee.

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