FMY 62 Edición

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    La música toma el espacio 'Ocio-Negocio', un nuevo concepto de networking relacional para agentes comerciales, prescriptores y visitantes de la FMY

    Music takes over the ‘Leisure-Business’ space, a new concept of relational networking for sales representatives, consultants and visitors to the FMY

    The space, an ad hoc design for the 59th edition of the event, fosters networking in a more casual and friendly atmosphere.

    21 October 2021 – The habitat sector comes to life at the venue thanks to the more than 80 exhibiting firms and a steady flow of professional visitors interested in meeting and doing business with our manufacturers. In the leisure-business space, designed on the occasion of this 60th anniversary, professionals can enjoy the magic of music while building business and personal relationships.

    Besides the furniture sector, visitors can also get to know the natural habitat of Yecla, thanks to the exhibition: “El Monte Arabí. The infinite beauty”, by the photographer Jose Luis Navarro, “which aims to protect and safeguard this natural monument, a World Heritage Site, from current and future threats, which endanger or could jeopardise its natural values and own history, for the present and for future generations”, explained Navarro.

    Our natural and professional heritage is highly regarded by countries such as Portugal and Cyprus. This morning, a group of professionals from these countries have arrived at the trade fair, thanks to the face-to-face trade mission carried out by the Instituto de Fomento (INFO) of the Region of Murcia, and the collaboration of the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain (ANIEME). “We are interested in the upholstery, furniture and rest sector. The furniture and related sectors are known in Portugal for being well-produced, competitive and quick to deliver”, said A. Remtula, manager of a Portuguese chain of shops.

    Sales Representatives Day was also held this morning. Their role is essential to show the world the quality and service of our products. Alberto Gonzalez, president of the national association of furniture sales representatives, stressed that “it is the first face-to-face event we have done since the pandemic, we have a good perspective of our furniture sector. At the moment we sales representatives are very busy and pleased because the furniture shopping spree is starting to return to normal, since other sectors, such as hotels, have also started up again”.

    Cybersecurity was a highlight of the day’s agenda, with a presentation organised by the insurance brokerage Sixto Palacín and hosted by Manuel Moreno Aliaga, CEO of Legitec Ciberseguridad, and Sixto Javier Palacín, head of Ciber insurance.

    Design, music and the 60th anniversary mark FMY agenda

    Yesterday we enjoyed the third edition of “spaces with senses” at a round table organised by the Official Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of the Region of Murcia (CODID-RM). Furthermore, best stand design competition was held at the event, with Mobil Fresno receiving the award, “for its new products displayed on a blank canvas, visual cleanliness, appropriate circulation and contrasts of light and shade”, explained CODID-RM, who also highlighted the design and features of the exhibiting companies at this edition.

    Musical magic continued this morning, in the leisure-business space, with the pianist Quike Ruiz and this afternoon it will be followed by the performance of Clarinet Class. Tomorrow, Friday, tropical music and jazz will come together with Emanuel Menta and finally with the Classical Jazz Project. Full programme available on this link.

    Tomorrow, leisure-business space will host one of the most moving moments of this year’s edition: the toast of honour and closing ceremony. The mayoress of Yecla and president of the Executive Committee of the FMY, Remedios Lajara, will be in charge of conveying our gratitude and praising our 60 years, as well as carrying out the closing ceremony. Tomorrow will also be the time to pay tribute to the pioneers who started this furniture fair.

    Friday 22 October agenda also includes the annual award ceremony of the Regional Association of Furniture and Timber Entrepreneurs (AREMA). This year’s award will go to José María Albarracín, businessman and current president of CROEM.

    “From the FMY we are very grateful for the great acceptance of this 59th edition and aim to continue improving and supporting this event,” said Patricia Cuadrillero, director of the FMY. A 59th edition in which we have beaten the record of registered professionals, more than 6,000, who can be attracted by the aesthetics of beauty, the art of design, innovation and reunion.

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