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    Hospitals: a healthy interior design

    Hospitals: a healthy interior design

    Could you imagine being in a hospital and having a dark, low-light room or just an old, uncomfortable bed?

    That’s right, the very thought of it is overwhelming, isn’t it?

    This happens because furniture and interior design in general have a direct effect on our health and well-being.

    That is what we want to talk about in today’s article.

    About how to create an interior design that encourages and cares for the health of patients and companions in places such as a hospital.

    Aspects such as proper rest, colours, and light influence our mind and mood, helping us to deal with the disease in a more manageable way.

    Let’s dig a little deeper into interior design in the healthcare field.

    Healthcare, furniture, and interior design

    At FMY(Furniture Fair of Yecla) are well aware of the importance of the contract sector.

    The design and furniture of professional spaces, oriented towards general use, is a key element of our fair, and now more than ever, it is trending and expanding.

    In this article, we would like to focus on one part of this sector: healthcare.

    And if we talk about furniture, healthcare, and interior design, we are referring to a particular space: hospitals.

    We want to analyse how the interior design of these spaces has evolved, and the role that furniture, decoration, or light may play in the recovery of the patients who live there.


    Furniture for patients and relatives

    When we are hospitalised, we are hardly ever alone.

    In this regard, a recent evolution has been noticed in the design of the spaces and the furniture used in hospital rooms.

    Some years ago, it was unthinkable to picture a hospital room with a sofa for visitors, a good armchair, or even a sofa-bed to spend the night with the patient. Even in rooms that included them, they were usually low-quality armchairs or sofas.

    However, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of good quality furniture to ease the rest of the caregiver, who is a very important figure for the patient himself. 

    Not to mention the patients’ beds, which have become much more comfortable.

    New technologies and innovation applied to furniture have played an essential role here, with built-in motorized and smart beds (able to change position automatically or with built-in warning devices).

    Interior design eases our recovery

    Several studies have shown that good rest influences the recovery process.

    But there are other factors, such as the light or the colours chosen for the different environments, that play an important role in the emotional condition.

    After all, a good mood is always beneficial.

    The use of warm natural lights instead of cold artificial spotlights. The incorporation of plants and natural elements in the decoration of spaces. All of this has a positive impact on patients.

    The mental effect of light and colours

    Another aspect that is very much considered when dealing with the design of hospital spaces is the management, use, and psychology of colour.

    The use of colours such as white, blue, and green, which have always been associated with healthcare, is no coincidence. It has been demonstrated that these colours bring peace, calm and are directly related to concepts such as health, hygiene, and care.

    Furthermore, it is also important to bear in mind that there are different types of patients. Therefore, the presence of bright, cheerful, and lively colours, which stand out, is more than justified in units such as paediatric units, which are intended for child patients.

    On the other hand, the elderly will prefer calmer colours, such as those mentioned above, to be used in centres and institutions such as care homes.

    In the end, the aim is to use colours to evoke feelings that favour recovery.

    With this brief overview, we have attempted to highlight the importance of furniture and interior design in such a key issue for people as healthcare. Although we hope it will take some time before you have to go to the hospital.

    We hope you found it interesting.

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