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    Hoffice: Office furniture for the homecoming

    The time has come for office furniture at home. As September approaches and the new academic and labor year begins, consumers are getting ready to prepare the return home after vacations and summer.

    The study and teleworking spaces are undoubtedly the focus of this comeback, especially in the last few years. Since 2019, an upward trend in sales of office and telecommuting furniture has been observed, which also presents a special upturn in the month of September.

    That is the reason why today we are going to review what our customers usually take into account when preparing their homes for the return to routine. It is our responsibility, as manufacturers and distributors, to help them make the best decision.

    Work from home furniture: location, concentration, and comfort

    When establishing a living area for studying or telecommuting, several factors are of particular importance to our clients. These are some helpful tips for them:

    · Location: It is always preferable, depending on the available space at home, to have office furniture or furniture for study exclusively. Separating the rooms intended for leisure and rest from those for study and work helps to separate the time allocated to each thing and improves performance.

    · Lighting: A home office should be well lit. It is recommended to place desk areas in zones that are indirectly illuminated by natural light. Artificial light resources (such as lamps or reading lamps) should also be provided for when the light is not the adequate and necessary one, this will prevent straining the eyesight.

    · Comfort: One of the most requested values when choosing office furniture for home use is comfort. We are increasingly taking care of aspects such as postural hygiene and ergonomics. It is key to find and offer a balance between an adequate posture and position, and an excess of comfort that induces excessive relaxation.

    · Tidiness: The home office should be a space of tidiness. A well organized and well managed space helps to ensure that everything is in its place. We can offer numerous options such as drawers (integrated or not in the table itself) or shelves.

    Teleworking redefines home

    Taking into account some data provided by the Spanish National Research Council in recent studies, we can confirm that the telework practice has transformed our homes, creating a new concept, known as ” hoffice” (from the English terms home + office).

    If we consider these data, 67% of Spanish families have at least one of their members teleworking or distance learning, and 57.6% of them allocate a fixed space in their homes for this practice, either exclusively (38.6%) or shared with other activities (19%).

    When asked about what is the decisive factor that make us feel satisfied with our study or work area at home, 50% of respondents named office furniture (chairs, desks, bookshelves, drawer units) as a key element.

    Considering all this information, and coinciding with the beginning of the school year and the work year, it seems accurate to consider September a specially ideal month for the sale of furniture for studying and furniture for teleworking. It’s time to go back and adapt homes to move back to the routine. 😀

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