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    FMY is an important meeting point for housing professionals.

    FMY is an important meeting point for housing professionals

    Spain positions itself as the second most important housing economy in Europe. FMY will become the heart and soul of the housing sector from 24th to 27th may, showcasing the latest trends and innovations of the exhibiting firms.

    The Yecla Furniture Fair 60th edition will become the centre of the housing sector from 24th to 27th May. The fair attracts a large number of companies from the habitat sector every year. Every year, the fair attracts a large number of companies from the habitat sector.

    Exhibiting firms are an example of versatility, talent, internationalisation and professionalism. They offer personalised products and services, following an innovative and progressive approach, which is a great incentive for professionals in the housing sector.

    The housing sector plays an important role in the regional and national economy. The Spanish housing sector represents 2.7% of the total Spanish manufacturing industry. This figure positions Spain as the second largest European economy in the housing sector after Italy, which represents nearly 5%.

    In fact, to reinforce and maintain a leading position in the Spanish housing industry is FHdE’s objective. FHdE serves both as lobby and industry hub when it comes to the Spanish housing sector promotion.

    The FMY provides one of the most important locations of the housing sector in Spain. Indeed, the Region of Murcia is one of the most important Spanish regions in terms of the housing sector. According to data from the FHdE, the Region of Murcia generates more than 600 million euros. This represents almost 10% of the total turnover of the national furniture industry, especially in upholstered furniture. 

    If we broadly analyse the current situation of the housing sector in Spain, we find some threats and opportunities. “The global threats are represented by the increase in energy and raw material costs, which together with the increase in manufacturing costs, indicate that we are in a difficult situation. New directives on eco-design and sustainable products encourage us to create new products as an added value, which constitutes a great opportunity and a challenge to take”, says the president of FHdE, José Ramón Revert.

    FMY’s 60th edition anticipates thousands of professional visitors

    Every FMY event means meeting people, receiving visitors, building loyalty and increasing our professional network. The event showcases the latest sector trends and innovations in a space where every detail has been taken care of, in line with the products and services offered by our exhibitor companies.

    Retailers, department stores, sales representatives, commercial agents, decoration and design professionals, purchasing managers, suppliers and numerous professionals from the sector come together every year at the event. They get to know about the products and services of the exhibitor companies. Details of the upholstery, furniture, leisure, decoration, services and related sectors are displayed and tendencies are revealed.

    HABITES, the Spanish Confederation of Furniture Retailers, is a good example of this. “This fair is an important reference point in the housing sector, and we cannot miss it. The confederation over which I preside, HABITES SPAIN, together with representatives of furniture companies from all over Spain, considers this event to be a must-attend appointment and a true reference for the sector. The event’s 60 years of history prove how consolidated it is”, explains Gloria Vaquer, president of HABITES.

    A new concept of home and a bet on the contract market

    Housing market demand is evolving due to the pandemic and post-pandemic revival of the home space, as well as an online upsurge. “The house, the home, has taken on a different concept, it has become an office, a sports centre and a leisure centre. The consumer has recognised, during and after the pandemic, how important our home’s quality is, as well as the innovation and renovation of furniture, decoration and everything related to the living space”, says José Ramón Revert, president of the FHdE.

    In terms of contract, “from 2022 onwards, we are seeing an extremely important development in the entire contract world, with very optimistic and strong activity forecasts. We are expecting a lot of tourism and recovery, even increasing the 2019 figures,” explains Revert. 

    Contract is fundamentally about service, and furniture, timber and related companies exhibiting at this event understand this. Firms meet their clients’ needs and take care of every detail. As a result, they are able to set up comprehensive projects in this large cluster in many parts of the world. We are talking about hotels, paradors, restaurants, embassies, consulates, offices, private villas, hospitals and nursing homes, among others.

    From 24 to 27 May, FMY will become the heart and soul of the housing sector.  This 60th edition will once again become the furniture world’s meeting point and a way of fostering commercial relations and continuing to promote the housing industry.

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