FMY 62 Edición

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    Clausura 61' Edición FMY

    FMY closes its 61st and most international edition with a 15% increase in visitors


    It undoubtedly improved on the attendance figures of the previous edition, “despite the fact that the weather was not at all favourable”

    The 61st Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY) ended today with the closing ceremony officiated by the president of the Executive Committee of the FMY and mayoress of Yecla, Remedios Lajara, highlighting the 15 percent increase in visitors compared to the previous edition and the enthusiasm with which the more than 90 exhibitors have approached the event.

    The president of the Executive Committee was very satisfied with the development of the face-to-face and virtual trade missions, which put the companies in contact with opinion leaders from several European countries, as well as Morocco and Mexico. Now we have to wait for all the work and contacts made during the week to materialise in the coming months”.

    She highlighted the success of this year’s slogan, ‘Close up’, “because it reflects very well all that Yecla has to offer, which is not only the Furniture Fair and the exhibition of products, but everything that the city and the furniture cluster has to offer””.

    She also drew attention to the quality of this year’s visitors, and gave as an example those from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, “who are a very demanding type of customer” and who only come to quality markets. It is also noteworthy that it was these same buyers who requested, through the Instituto de Fomento (INFO), to physically visit the fair.

    Remedios Lajara y Juan Miguel Zornoza en la clausura de la 61' edición de la FMY


    The assessment of the international presence, which this year has had several trade missions (both physical and virtual) “has been very positive”, according to the director of the FMY, Juan Miguel Zornoza, who confirmed that European buyers from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have visited the stands of several companies and have been interested in their products by means of a ‘show room.

    Likewise, the perception of the companies, regarding the influx and the interest of the buyers, is that the 61st edition has once again recovered the massive presence of the public and has been “a good fair”, undoubtedly improving the figures of influx of the previous year. All this “despite the fact that the weather situation has not helped at all”, remarked Zornoza, in relation to the DANA that has swept through the area of Yecla and neighbouring provinces these days, with weather alerts that have prevented a greater influx of visitors.


    A characteristic feature of the Yecla Furniture Fair is its ability to turn the exhibition centre into a meeting and networking space. In this 61st fair, this could be seen ‘Up Close’, with the presence of more than 90 companies, the participation of the Furniture and Wood Technology Centre of the Region of Murcia (CETEM), the Official Association of Commercial Agents (COAC) and the Regional Association of Furniture and Wood Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia (AREMA). And, of course, the support of the local and regional administration to promote this event.

    The participation of CETEM has been a point of attraction at the habitat show with its metaverse project applied to the furniture sector. Visitors were able to see how mixed reality, the sum of virtual and physical reality, is already a reality, making the physical and the virtual mix and interact, which opens up a new path and new applications in the field of furniture.

    Another of the most consolidated alliances is the one that the event maintains with the COAC, a work that is developed throughout the year but that has its maximum expression during the fair, through the celebration of the ‘Sales Rep Day’, which took place on the second day with the tribute to two sales reps.

    Although perhaps one of the moments that always gets all the attention in the FMY programme is the presentation of Arema’s Annual Award, which this year has sought to recognise the work and dedication of a fundamental group for the furniture and wood sector: the Official Association of Interior Designers / Decorators of the Region of Murcia (CODID-RM).

    Clausura y brindis de la 61' Edición FMY

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