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    Egypt: regional furniture market's main opportunity point

    Egypt: regional furniture market’s main opportunity point


    FMY’s 60th edition third day focuses on business meetings between the Egyptian delegation and exhibitor brands, granted as a result of the reverse trade mission carried out by the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia (INFO) at the event.

    FMY as the sector’s main point, its brands prestige and specialisation and the its furniture cluster attraction, is attracting urban design projects that are distinctive for their modern approach.

    Egyptian delegation representatives, renowned artists and designers, are meeting with several exhibiting brands and visiting showrooms and manufacturing leaders. “It is an opportunity to see, touch and learn first-hand how the exhibiting brands work and meet the professionals behind them. Egypt is the regional market’s main opportunity point, and currently has the largest number and value of construction projects in Africa”, explains Edgar Cayuelas, OPEX director of INFO in Morocco.

    Egypt has more than $190 billion in construction projects and another $30 billion in design and bidding phases. The largest among all the mega-projects currently underway and to come is the Administrative Capital for Urban Development, with an estimated cost around $60 billion. Launched in 2015, the project aims to accommodate Egypt’s rapidly growing population and create a new capital for Egypt. This new capital will feature every bank operational headquarters, ministries, parliament and other administrative buildings. In addition, “there is another city that is being built from scratch, Noor City. A smart and ecological city, stretching over 2,000 hectares,” Edgar says.

    Now it is all about keeping up the pace in this opportunity with Egypt. In fact, “INFO is planning to send a direct trade mission to Egypt in order to meet the country’s dimension and its opportunities,” says Edgar Cayuelas, INFO’s OPEX director in Morocco.

    Discussion spaces: cybersecurity and sustainable development

    The schedule of the day included discussion spaces within the furniture sector cluster. Alejandro Cano and Sixto Palacín gave a talk on cyber-attack risk management in organisations. On the other hand, José Antonio Galdón, General Council of Industrial Technical Engineering of Spain, gave an interesting talk in which he defended the role of the industrial sector in promoting sustainable development.

    This reflection continues at 5 p.m., as part of the Creacción Festival. Ana Segovia, from the Odosdesing studio, will talk about “Housing design trends”.

    CETEM: “eHealth Home – A new plataform of active and healthy ageing”

    Digital technologies have evolved in such a way that opportunities for assisting the elderly have increased exponentially, both to stay active and independent, to avoid accidents, and to control cognitive and chronic diseases.

    Innovation, research, talent and the application of new technologies at the service of people are very present at the CETEM stand. With its projects and prototypes, it demonstrates how furniture, timber and related industries are moving, along with society, towards a new platform of preventive health.

    Our visitors will be able to find out more about this project on Friday morning, at 12.30 a.m., with the forum “eHealth Home: a new platform of active and healthy ageing“, developed within the framework of the European Pharaon project and with the Yecla Furniture Fair as stage.

    The forum will be attended by the Vice President and Regional Minister for Women, Equality, LGTBI, Families, Social Policy and Transparency, María Isabel Franco, the Manager of the Murcia Health Service (SMS), Francisco José Ponce, and the SMS Director of Innovation, Gorka Sánchez, together with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena’s Professor of the Telecommunications Network Engineering Group, María Victoria Bueno, and José Francisco Puche, as CETEM’S director.

    AREMA’s annual award and 60th edition’s closing ceremony e on Friday’s schedule.

    In addition to the CETEM forum, INFO (Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia) will be one of the main protagonists on the fourth and last day of the FMY 60th edition, as it will receive the 15th Annual Award from the Regional Association of Wood and Furniture Entrepreneurs in Murcia (AREMA) on Friday morning (10.00 a.m., Arema stand).

    Although the most exciting moment will take place on Friday evening, at 06.00 a.m. The official closure of this 60th edition will be in charge of Remedios Lajara, Yecla’s mayoress and FMY’s Executive Committee’s president. This will be the moment to bid farewell to this edition with “more soul than ever” and announce the next one.

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