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    Domotics: Smart furniture for the elderly

    Domotics (digitalisation applied to the home and well-being) is here to stay in the world of furniture and is changing our homes.

    Technology improves people’s quality of life. Especially for the elderly.

    Today we talk about innovation, combining furniture and technology, and how smart furniture is changing the daily lives of our elders for the better.

    Interested? Then read on!

    What is domotics?

    Domotics is defined as the integration of digital technology at home to automate tasks and improve people’s lives.

    In short, it is about seeking a more comfortable, practical and safe home which makes daily tasks easier to handle, reducing effort and optimising processes.

    Sensors that adjust the level of light and temperature, blinds that lower automatically, armchairs and beds that help us to get up…

    Intelligent furniture can make a difference. Especially for the most vulnerable or dependent people.

    Technology at the service of the elderly

    Home automation, when talking about the elderly, has a clear and well-defined purpose: to improve their independence and safety at home.

    As we get older, our physical and cognitive abilities and skills gradually diminish. We find it increasingly difficult to get out of bed or out of the armchair, or we may forget to take that pill we need so much.

    That’s when smart furniture kicks in. Furniture that has built-in digital devices that help us control and automate tasks, remind us of things and make our lives easier, helping us to remain independent.

    Let’s take a look at some specific examples.


    Beds that monitor our sleep

    Few things are more important than a good night’s sleep.

    Lack of sleep is a problem which affects older people in particular. Insomnia, physical ailments, etc. There can be many reasons why we do not get the rest we need to feel good.

    In order to help us rest, there are now smart beds which monitor our sleep, automatically adjust the position of the mattress or even have sensors which collect information about the different stages of sleep, rest quality, heart rate throughout the night, etc.

    There are also those with built-in massage systems, or which alert a relative in case of a fall or medical problem. This provides greater safety for the elderly and peace of mind for the family.

    Smart armchairs and sofas

    And if smart beds help us to rest, what about armchairs and sofas?

    They may be the places where older people spend most of their time during the day.

    There is always that uncomfortable sofa that is hard to get up from, or that armchair that requires 1,000 cushions to feel comfortable. But that no longer has to be the case.

    Today there are motorised armchairs which automatically help us to get up, which detect our weight and position, and that adjust themselves to achieve a suitable posture.

    There are those with built-in screens and alarm systems that remind us to take specific medication, remind us of a doctor’s appointment or even measure our blood sugar levels.

    Home safety

    Another major concern in the home is security.

    There are many elderly people who live alone and need to be able to feel safe and secure in their own home.

    Domotics also offers solutions here without a doubt.

    From electronic locks that can be set to allow access only to those who are authorised, to security cameras and motion sensors that alert us if an intruder is lurking nearby.

    Technology not only brings us comfort, but also peace and quiet.

    What did you think about this article? Do you know of any other smart furniture? Tell us which ones.

    At FMY we believe that home automation and technological development are key factors in defining the home and furniture of tomorrow.

    What do you reckon?

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