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    Diseño de espacios que conectan con el alma Biofilia

    Designing spaces connecting with the soul

    Nature mimicry in interior design: Biophilia

    We are sentient beings and, therefore, are aware of and can experience emotions. Joy, sadness, anger or fear come to the surface in our lives and there are places where you can be most at ease to experience these emotions, perhaps on a park bench, in a cinema seat, in your office, maybe at home, or possibly in one of the spaces at your workplace.

    As a society, as human beings, we are living through one of the most uncertain times of this era, which has helped us to become more aware of the importance of the place we inhabit.

    “People have become aware of shortcomings in their homes and, as a result, there has been a surge in building work, renovation work, especially in housing. So it is very important when it comes to living in your space that you have a professional to help you make that space more comfortable for the way you live. Not all people live in the same way and not all businesses have the same needs”, explains Rosa Sánchez, dean of the Official Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of the Region of Murcia (CODID-RM).

    This boom in furnishing and refurbishing our homes, this quest for new soulful spaces over the last year, has undoubtedly helped the growth of exports in furniture, timber and related sectors, which reached 80.3 million in 2020, as well as generating more than 7,700 direct jobs, just over 11% of regional industrial employment, according to data provided by the Government of the Region of Murcia.

    Rosa Sánchez, fully aware of the significance of visualising spaces, focuses her energy every day on the world of habitat. And although she studied Hispanic Studies, her passion for design drove her to study a degree in interior design and decoration, a world in which she has lived for more than 30 years. She knows well the needs and alternatives for creating spaces with soul, which communicate and convey emotions.

    “What makes me fall in love with this world is that we are professionals who dedicate everything to the client. The professional interior designer goes to the last detail in offices, shops and homes, so that the client feels at ease in their space, making sure the living space is comfortable and meets their expectations”, says CODID-RM dean.

    Biophilia in design: mimicry with nature.

    “There are many people who have bought houses in small towns and have gone to live there, especially many people with small children, as it has been awful to have to shut themselves up in a flat,” explains the CODID-RM dean. It’s doubtless we need outdoor spaces and we need to introduce into our habitats what nature has to offer. For instance, there is a way of applying interior design, from observation and mimicry with nature, an alternative space design, and that is biophilia.

    According to a 2012 study by Terrapin Bright Green, entitled ‘The economics of biophilia’, it has been shown that observing natural phenomena such as a mountain, sea waves or animals can improve our creativity and mood. Moreover, it can be useful for companies as it reduces the symptoms of the so-called sick building and results in less sick leave among the people who work there. And what does this mean in terms of business? More committed, motivated and more efficient people, which generates more profits in every way.

    “Biophilia is catching on because clients are demanding spaces within their habitat that remind them of nature, a lot of designs are being made inside homes, a vertical garden area, even a vertical vegetable garden. The world is opting for healthier food and people are trying to go back to products that they even grow themselves”, explains Rosa Sánchez.

    “It’s a trend that is going to remain in society, which is becoming more and more aware that we have to take care of the planet. We use colours, smells and textures to mimic the wisdom of nature. Our clients also ask us a lot for solar panels, or aerothermal installations, to reduce energy consumption”, emphasises the CODID-RM dean.

    Hospitality Contract and Retail: large furnishings and retail.

    “Our designs try to communicate with the habitat where we live. It is essential that spaces have a soul and the ability to communicate,” explains Rosa. Design and decoration professionals have a varied profile, although there are people who are experts in the habitat and hospitality contract areas.

    When we talk about the hospitality contract sector, we are referring to hoteliers, architects, interior designers, decorators and other professionals involved. “It is hospitality in the world of hosts. Spaces are created to welcome visitors and clients, just as the contract sector does, focused on the business world,” explains the CODID-RM dean. “We also focus on retail, the world of shops, the direct sales trade, in which, through a marketing and design strategy, emotions are triggered in the end user”, adds Rosa Sánchez. 

    Connected worlds. CODID-RM and FMY Synergy

    “When we go to a trade fair we look for novelty, design, something transgressive, something that has evolved, that is fresh. We go to discover new ideas, materials, textures, designs. That’s what CODID-RM can bring to the Yecla furniture fair”, explains its dean, “to add that touch of attention to detail to these stands, novelties, from textures, colours, from interior design”.

    An interior designer’s role can strengthen this approach. “Hiring an interior designer is not an expense, it is an investment, because we have a very strong bond with our customers, especially when we design homes. Customers entrust us with their fancies, their needs, their desires, and we are the people who make our customers’ dreams and fantasies come true,” Rosa Sánchez points out.

    “We can help each other in the sector, we want the Yecla Furniture Fair to be at the top of the habitat fairs at a domestic and international level”, he concludes.

    All in all, this 60th anniversary edition will become a meeting place to reconnect, enjoy, feel, contribute to our relational and business ecosystem.

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