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    Christmas in every corner

    Christmas brings our home unforgettable moments. Every corner of your home becomes a special place.

    Have you ever thought about how connected is Christmas to our furniture?

    For us it’s something magic!

    Every piece of our home allows us to share moments with our loved ones, creating memories which last throughout the year, or even a lifetime.

    Furniture which transports us

    We just need to look to our homes at a glance, to vibrate with all those pieces of furniture that are so important at Christmas. Those that we straightly relate to a person or a moment.

    These are some of our favourites:

    The wisdom armchair

    That armchair, which is already a few years old -like all of them- where grandpa spends his afternoons watching TV or reading his magazine. The same one where we watch the children, expectant, sitting on his lap, listening to that story we have heard a million times before, but which we love and wouldn’t change for anything. A special place where we learn from our elders.

    A lively bookshelf

    There is also that bookshelf full of books, decorative objects and, of course, our family photos. These frames hold the memories of our best moments: that summer trip, the getaway we took to that dreamt place or just moments of a past Christmas that we spent together with our loved ones. A tiny corner of our home which is full of life and that takes us straight to those moments.


    The magic of the Christmas tree

    It is hard to imagine Christmas without a tree. Decorating your home as a family or watching your children’s faces when they wake up on Christmas Day or Epiphany and see it full of presents are irreplaceable moments.

    An element, the Christmas tree, with the power of bringing us together, making us laugh and enjoy ourselves. That is truly a great gift.

    Together around the table

    Something typical about Christmas is that it is a time for good meals. The table is the main point of many homes and families, and around it we gather to fill our stomachs and hearts.

    A toast and a good conversation are food for the soul, and a seemingly everyday moment around the table can become the most special and enriching one.

    family with sparklers having dinner party at home
    Moments around the table

    That cosy sofa

    And after a good meal, it’s time to sit down together on our cosy sofa. The one where you can take a good nap and watch the typical after-lunch Christmas films, and where the warmth and company of our loved ones make an afternoon go by in the blink of an eye.

    A home furnished with memories

    It is this furniture that builds a home, and the moments we live in it that build us as people.

    Merry Christmas!

    So, with this Christmas tour through the furniture in our lives, FMY would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. May you find in every piece of furniture, in every corner, that space of joy and may you share this special time with your loved ones.

    Thank you for joining us on this journey and helping us to build it step by step. Enjoy, be happy and share your wishes with us in your comments. Merry Christmas!

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