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    Entrega premio anual AREMA

    Arema’s annual award at the FMY recognises the work of interior designers and decorators


    The importance of the way they see spaces, their work to make them friendlier and their search for comfort make them pivotal players in the sector.

    The Regional Association of Furniture and Wood Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia (Arema), on the third day of the Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY), has recognized , the work of the Official College of Interior Designers / Decorators of the Region of Murcia (CODID-RM), acknowledging the effort and support of the group of interior designers and decorators of the furniture sector, wood and related industries.

    The presentation of Arema’s Annual Award, traditionally carried out furniture parton’s stand, along with the participation of CROEM’s president, José María Albarracín, the general director of Trade and Business Innovation, Miguel Ángel Martín, Remedios Lajara, the president of the Executive Committee of the FMY, the director of the FMY, Juan Miguel Zornoza, the Arema Board of Directors, headed by its president, José Antonio Ortega, the secretary of Arema, Patricia Cuadrillero, and the dean of CODID-RM, Rosa Sánchez.

    “Only with the joint effort of all members can the production process evolve, and a fundamental part are the interior designers and decorators, the very reason to value and appreciate their work with the presentation of this recognition,” said José Antonio Ortega. He also highlighted the fact that the award is presented annually during the Yecla Furniture Fair,” a very symbolic event for the sector.

    After receiving the award from CROEM’s president, José María Albarracín, Rosa Sánchez expressed her sincere thanks to Arema for the award, “we are very proud of the recognition of the work we carry out as promoters of the products of furniture and wood companies, a vital aspect in our work as interior designers”.

    The CODID-RM dean added that, through the experience and knowledge of these professionals, “we have the ability to select the right products from furniture, wood and furniture-related companies, ensuring that each project becomes a unique and quality experience for our clients”.

    For 45 years, Arema has been an essential pillar in this process, promoting quality in the manufacture and supply of products, to meet the highest standards of design and functionality. “Thanks to a constant dialogue, we have been able to establish solid relationships based on mutual trust and the joint pursuit of excellence. In conclusion, the awarded recognition is a stimulus to further strengthen our collaboration, and ensure the satisfaction of our customers,” concluded Rosa Sánchez.

    Finally, the president of the Executive Committee of the FMY and mayoress of Yecla, Remedios Lajara, closed the event, highlighting Arema’s commitment “with the fair and with the companies of the sector”, and underlining its importance in the generation of employment, “no one can doubt your effort, your dedication and commitment”.

    Entrega premio anual AREMA
    Entrega premio anual AREMA


    The relationship between CODID-RM and the FMY is renowned and during the fair these two worlds are more connected than ever. For designers and interior designers, the Yecla exhibition centre becomes a fundamental space to find new ideas, materials and novelties, in the same way that for the event the view of these professionals embellishes and makes the spaces more attractive.

    This symbiosis goes far beyond the exhibition centre and is linked to the FMY’s annual commitment to the habitat, a commitment also endorsed by CODID-RM. The importance of the approach to spaces, their work to make them more pleasant and the search for comfort and harmony are well known. This is also where the connection between the furniture cluster and the work of designers can be seen, because their vision and work is essential to create spaces with soul.

    Finally, another of the points of union between these two worlds can be found in the Hospitality Contract, an area in which the FMY exhibitors once again stand out for their international prestige. It is in this desire to generate hospitality in the world of hosts that hoteliers, architects, interior designers, decorators and opinion leaders come into play, with the exhibiting firms promoting comfort worldwide with their contract installations.


    The president of the FMY Executive Committee and mayoress of Yecla, Remedios Lajara, the director of the FMY, Juan Miguel Zornoza, and the president of the College of Sales Representatives of Murcia, Juan Francisco Zamora, presented the awards yesterday to two sales representatives from the furniture sector, who were honoured at the fair.

    Zamora explained that since 2015 these awards have been presented to recognise “the work and trajectory of a lifetime” linked to the furniture sector. The presentation of the awards coincides with the FMY “because Yecla is a source of pride and an enviable point at national level for its incredible industrial fibre”. The award winners were Vicente Yago Puche, with a career of 38 years as a registered sales representative, and Rafael Díaz Pérez, with three decades working as a registered sales rep.

    The director of the Fair, Juan Miguel Zornoza, has shown the gratitude of the fair to the group of sales reps. “for electing the Yecla Furniture Fair as the venue to present these awards”. Also for the work they do for the sector, “a guarantee of the quality of the service you offer, putting manufacturers and customers in contact with each other”. Finally, he highlighted “the great support” of this group to the FMY, because “a large part of the success of the event, currently in its 61st edition, is thanks to your work”.

    May 26th will be the moment for the 61st edition of Yecla Furniture Fair (FMY) to close, this exhibition has been the most international will be brought to a close by the president of the FMY Executive Committee, Remedios Lajara, at 13.30 hours, with a toast to bid farewell until 2024.

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