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    Transformados JOPE – Stand A16

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    Transformados JOPE is an expert company in compressed air installations for industry, we have everything necessary to provide a solution to your needs with efficient and approved installations.


    They carry out preventive maintenance of all types of industrial compressor systems, helping to reduce your costs and avoiding unnecessary stoppages of tools and machinery.


    Sale of compressors and machinery


    Compressors. The purpose of the compressed air compressor is to supply air to pneumatic tools so that they can work. It sucks in atmospheric air and compresses it so that, at its output, it acts as a source of energy. We offer different types of compressors that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, our brands are leaders in the sector.


    Pneumatic tools. Cutting, grinding, spraying, sawing, screwing, nailing, stapling, varnishing, stripping, blowing, sealing, sanding, are some of the jobs that can be carried out with pneumatic tools.


    Manufacture of metal furniture for the Contract sector. Manufacture of unique furniture for commercial facilities and hotels. We design the furniture in the measurements, materials and finishes that you request so that the result is always special and unrepeatable.






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