FMY 62 Edición

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    Prescribers 2017

    Rafael Álvarez & Azucena Matí

    Creators of visual and sonorous art, they use 3D, photography and multimedia for the final execution of the contract project of interior design.

    Designer, 3D modeler and multidisciplinary artist, aeronautical and musical academic training. As an independent artist he is involved in all those contemporary artistic concepts that have been manifest in his environment for more than a decade, with exhibitions of his works in various spaces inside and outside the city of Seville. In the study he develops and manages the product design (furniture-hydraulic hydraulics and accessories) as a way of expression directly applied to interior design. As a visual and sound art creator, he uses 3D, photography and multimedia for the final execution of the interior design project, as well as the graphic image applied to such projects.

    Interior designer, decorator, designer and artist licensed by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville (1992), she develops interior design and commercial and habitat decoration, always betting on fusion space, art, concept, understanding space as the basis for artistic development through form, light, color, materials, graphic design, giving rise to interiors with their own personality that convey a concept of global design. In the study she develops and directs the design of the interior design and decoration projects, as well as the design, planning and execution of the contract for hotels.