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    Prescribers 2017

    Matthew Davis

    DesignAgency · Toronto

    Matthew Davis is co-founder of acclaimed and multidisciplinary global design firm DesignAgency.

    Matthew Davis is co-founder of acclaimed multidisciplinary global design firm DesignAgency, where he shares the helm with partners Allen Chan and Anwar Mekhayech. Each brings a unique vision to the company’s creative strategy and the ideation of hospitality, condominiums and interior offices in Toronto and around the world. Matt’s recent projects include the Broadview Hotel in Toronto and Zoetry in Costa Rica for AM Resorts, as well as working for international hotel groups SBE, The One Group, Starwood / Marriot and others.

    He recently appeared on the cover of BD’s “The Influencers” since January / February 2017. DesignAgency has received numerous international awards for design and hospitality, including the “Good Design is Good Business Award” from Architectural Record for Generator.