FMY 62 Edición

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    Prescribers 2017

    Mar Vera

    Welcome Design y Envés Diseño · Madrid y Houston (USA)

    Her motto “I know and I follow the trends. Another thing is to apply them” defines her as an interior designer.

    Interior designer
    Two lines mark the creative capacity of Mar Vera, art (her source of inspiration) and experimentation with materials.


    She has always been linked to the art world. In addition to performing works with various creators, throughout her training she has conducted multiple workshops and she has a strong background in the field of engraving. Art is a reference that she always follows in her professional development as an interior designer. She is not only interested in the galleries and museums, she is also concerned about “Street Art” and all forms of contemporary creation.


    The other fundamental pillar of her work is the analysis of new materials and their technological processes; knowing them allows her to apply them to projects. Digital printing in rigid, numerical control, laser cutting, 3d machinery and above all an exhaustive control of the production.


    Her motto “I know and I follow the trends. Another thing is to apply them” defines her as an interior designer. A creator who knows how to be rigorous with the contemporary and whose motors are the need to know and design as a possibility.


    Envés diseño is the platform through which she channels her professional activity and where she develops her work. A work that brings together such wide-ranging projects as commercial premises, discotheques, restaurants, homes and even tanning centers.


    Next to her, the graphic designer Víctor Camacho is the other 50% of underside. With similar aesthetic approaches, they have been building a way of designing where the graph has an important weight for more than 15 years. Envés diseño has made of it the differentiating element and a tool in the service of interior design, in order to achieve greater coherence and uniformity in the final result of the projects.


    Restless and in continuous evolution, Mar Vera and Víctor Camacho collaborate with other professionals with whom they exchange creativity, curiosity and knowledge.