FMY 62 Edición

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    Prescribers 2018

    Jimena Odio Robles

    Roblesarq · San José, Costa Rica

    Master in Interior Design . Studies at Veritas University, San José. University of Palermo, Buenos Aires. European Institute of Design, Madrid.

    Passionate about design, for the possibility of transforming any space into an experience that impacts the life of human beings and benefits their quality of life.


    She currently leads the Interior Design department of the architecture firm ROBLESARQ , a firm founded in 2004 by the architect Juan Robles. The study is composed of a qualified multidisciplinary team of young and creative professionals, which is characterized by its eagerness in the search for innovative solutions. Its experience is based mainly on hotel, commercial, educational and residential projects.


    In her 8 years of experience as a designer, She has had the opportunity to work for important clients such as Four Seasons Costa Rica, Accenture, Sony Music and


    In addition to being part of the Roblesarq team, the love for design led her to create JyG Design, a brand of decoration accessories 100% designed and manufactured in Costa Rica.